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These days, more and more motion designers are being asked to work in Cinema 4D, and the program is fast becoming an industry-standard trusted by many professional studios, agencies, and companies. So it’s no wonder that thousands of visual artists like yourself are eager to learn the program right now.
The thing is — the first step is often the hardest to take and beginners often find the program intimidating and the interface complex. Cinema 4D Quick Start quickly removes that hurdle for you with straightforward yet powerful instruction, detailed lessons, and step-by-step projects that put your learnings into practice.
So Don’t get stuck at square one. Make quick & smooth progress with Cinema 4D Quickstart.
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Open Up New Design Possibilities. Move beyond simple 2D designs and create 3-dimensional renders of worlds, type, product visualizations, and much more.

Develop an In-Demand Industry Skill. Cinema 4D is the 3D software many studios and agencies prefer. With this program in your toolkit, you’ll stand out more easily among your design peers.

Save Time. Learn everything you need to know to use Cinema 4D effectively, with 11+ hours of deep, technical content.

Use Cinema 4D to its Full Potential. Get comfortable with all aspects of the user interface so you can unlock all the possibilities of Cinema 4D and use it like a pro.

Create with Confidence. Follow along step-by-step to design and execute real-world 3D projects.

Learn from Top Industry Talent. Learn by looking over the shoulder of your course instructor and Cinema 4D expert motion designer Shannon Wilkerson.

Meet Your Instructor

Shannon Wilkerson | Creator at Motion Science
Shannon Wilkerson is a Motion Designer, Visual Effects Artist, Animator, Video Editor, and 3D Generalist with more than 10 years of professional experience using Cinema 4D Pro.
You’ll love Shannon’s pro tips, his methodical and thorough manner in taking you through the program, and his easy-to-understand approach.

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11+ hours of high-quality, technical video instruction

24/7 streaming access from any device

Cinema 4D project files and design assets to follow along with

The chance to create multiple real-world projects of your own

Lifetime access to all course materials, including project files

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Cinema 4D Quick Start's 3 Essential Sections:


Get familiar & comfortable with the Cinema 4D program and interface, including settings, menus, shortcuts, preferences, and more.


Learn all about lighting, texturing, rendering concepts, and how they apply in Cinema 4D, including how light works, its use in storytelling, and rendering setups. Includes guided instruction and project files for setting up 2 intricate 3D scenes.


Learn animation principles inside Cinema 4D, including the 10 core principles of motion, and develop core skills like using the dope sheet and dynamic simulation. Includes guided instruction and project files for setting up 2 animated 3D scenes.

Knowing where to start doesn’t have to be hard.

Enroll in Cinema 4D Quick Start today and learn the 3D software preferred by many studios and agencies.

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