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Learn How to Design & Animate Style Frames Like a Pro


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Main title style frames are often the unsung heroes of motion design. They’re the opening sequence to any film, TV show, web show, etc. And they set the tone for what’s about to come. So, they’re really an integral part. With main titles, your project can become more meaningful. The story more powerful.

In this online training course, you’ll learn how to use graphic elements  such as images, typography and effects to design better style frames, plus build a tone, theme, emotion and mood simply through main titles. Get all the project files you need. And discover how to go from concept to completion through the entire animation process.



Through expert guidance, you’ll master how to:

Achieve More

Get from creative brief to style frame design to finished animation

Transfer Modes

Uncover the power of transfer modes in layering design

Evolve Further

Develop design skills through conception and creation of 9 style frames

Premiere Workflows

Grasp animatic workflows between Premiere Pro and After Effects

Additional Tools

Design with effects, imagery, ink, light, and textures

Build Motion

Go beyond animatics by constructing and finishing a 1:30 title sequence

Project Files

Follow along step-by-step with included After Effects project files

Gain Knowledge

Expand your artistry with these concepts to apply to other motion projects

Advance Quicker

Progress rapidly from fully edited lessons that are to the point


You won't find this style of training anywhere else.


Your course will play in any modern browser. Anytime. Anywhere.



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"Awesome course! As simple as that."

Ivan P.
Motion Designer

"I have been working on generating assets at double speed as a result of the course. As soon as I actually started to put it into practice everything clicked and REALLY demonstrated your understanding of the art without wasting time. Money well spent and at a price that really helped me to feel the benefit of knowledge (unlike a lot of other sites)."

Jimmie W.
Senior Motion Graphic Artist

"Great content. Great course. I also picked up some new techniques along the way. Thank you!"

Hugh W.
Visual Designer

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