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StyleCraft VIP Membership

Become the motion designer you were meant to be.

  • 52 Weeks of Mentorship Training
  • Private Online Community of Motion Designers
  • Live Monthly Mentorship Calls
  • Over 250 Plug-ins
  • All Project Files
  • Assignments with Critiques
  • Bonus Content
  • Priority Email Support
  • 2 (60 min) Private Coaching Sessions with Cameron
  • Main Title Design/Animation Bundle
  • Beyond The Parallax Effect
  • Typography Techniques
  • Lifetime Access
  • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

What People Are Saying:

“There’s alot of courses to learn motion graphics or design and nothing compares to Stylecraft. Cameron has opened his studio to your eyes and it’s super easy to learn how to create original ideas by working with him - not just watching a tutorial online. Everything is interactive, from group message boards to constructive critiques - making everyone better and well-rounded as a designer. Stylecraft is a must if you want to challenge yourself and grow your visuals within one year.”

Ryan Figard

“Everything about StyleCraft is great! Having access to consistent lessons and assignments has allowed me to continue sharpening my skill and broadening my understanding as a motion designer. Getting to follow Cameron, in his element, as he creates a still or motion piece is invaluable, in addition to his availability and critiques. On top of being a full year and connecting with other motion artists, the perks that come with being a member (such as free software use, discounts, etc.) make the decision to join easy and obvious.”

Kenza Kadmiry

“While learning from Motion Science's youtube videos, I enjoyed how simple Cameron's explanations were. All of my motion graphics knowledge was self-taught, but I always wondered how someone with years of industry experience navigates the design challenges of creating something that pops. Because I connect with how Cameron's teaches and his creative style, I pulled the trigger and joined StyleCraft. The course comes with many perks, but personally, there are two things I value the most: learning new techniques that expand my creative options and the feedback from the StyleCraft community. Having the opportunity to have my work critically judged by a group of amazing motion designers is invaluable. All the material in the course is professionally produced, full of inspiring design and practical advice. Highly recommended.”

Diogo Lanca

“I had been looking for a course to expand my knowledge and looked at the various courses available. What drew me to Motion Science was the length of the course, the fact that there would be assignments set and that these assignments would be critiqued. I also liked Cameron’s design style and had watched some of his other motion design tutorials and liked the clear way he explained the concepts . Still unsure of making the investment I contacted Cameron to see if he thought that with my background I would be suitable for the course, and he said I would be fine. So 17 weeks into the course and I can honestly say I am loving it! Cameron bases the courses around the elements and principles of design. It is fantastic learning from someone with so much experience and attention to detail and also the sense of community with the other people on the course, I have learnt so much. I now look forward to every Monday to see the latest Motion Science tutorial/topic. Highly recommended!”

Simon Jones

“I work as a full-time editor and am trying to expand my toolkit. With Stylecraft I have not only been given great lessons and a better understanding of motion design and design as a whole, I’ve also been given the time and opportunity to find my own style and creativity. Camerons way of teaching technical information is easy to digest and he’s sharing his experience on current and past trends, how to find resources online and great deals and discounts on industry-standard software. What surprised me the most however was how an online course can feel so personalised, with a small community of like-minded students all sharing and commenting on each others work and Cameron always being there to give feedback. I already feel like I’m improving and look forward to see what I can do after the 52 weeks are over!”

Joakim Tonnberg

“The constant engagement that this program provides is enough to move me away from YouTube tutorials... But the 1 on 1 interaction and the expertise that Cameron offers makes this program next level. StyleCraft makes me feels like I'm sitting in a studio next to an industry professional.”

Dexter Brewer

“I have been doing professional VFX and Motion Graphics for over 18 years now and still sometimes suffer from impostor syndrome, especially in the creative design part of my work. Cameron, in his StyleCraft course, takes me right back to basics of motion design fundamentals and fantastically irons out any knowledge creases I might have developed over the years. Greatly recommended, for beginners as well as seasoned pros.”

Krzysztof Mr.K Karnicki

“Stylecraft is the most valuable learning asset I have as a motion designer. Techniques are taught concisely and in ways that are easy to grasp, so they not only inspire, but also make creating new work that was impossible before — ever so easy. Stylecraft’s community, a group of inspiration-hungry artists, give me input, ideas and help I wouldn’t be able to get or research on my own. The Captain of the Stylecraft ship, Cameron, provides valuable feedback to everyone's work in addition to his lessons. He also gives critiques quickly. Frequent live calls with him together with the community make Stylecraft not only an online course but also a real mentorship.”

Felix Brandstetter