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AE Academy // Volume 3

Ready to go beyond 2D layers and fully embrace 3D in your designs? After Effects Vol.3: 3D Cameras & Layers was made for you

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What People Are Saying:

You guys rock! Since I started in the After Effect Academy courses I have watched my skills really improve. I am now using After Effects and getting paid for it. No regrets! Motion Science is truly the best.

Aaron Robie

So I jumped in at the deep end recently with After Effects, having tinkered with the basics for a while and taking several courses c/o Udemy - but nothing really inspired me because none of them really opened the mind to what's possible with After Effects. And then I stumbled upon Motion Science. It's not the usual tutorial of "Do this and do that. Now get out." It says, "Let me show you this; it can do this. Have a play and see what you can do with it. And wait til you see what I'm gonna show you next, you're gonna love it! Oh, and you know that hour you spent getting the transitions to kick-in perfectly on the beat - it's ok to do that. It's ok to be an artist." This(!) is what I have been looking for.

Andy O.

I'm already getting so much out of this course. Motion design is something I've been wanting to add to my skill set for a long time and this is only the beginning. Again, thank you!

Daniel S.