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"This is the training I could never find in college. It was demanding and focused and allowed me to grow more than I thought or knew was even possible. In short, it was my graduate program."

- Isaiah Powers

Create Unforgettable Imagery

Skyrocket your career and go beyond expectations with the membership that unleashes your potential.

Advance Your Skills and Be Seen

Creating high-level motion design is easier than you think—if you know the right methods. Discover the secrets that will cultivate your skills.

Unleash The Mograph Master Within

Imagine creating powerful motion design with the confidence of a master. We’ll show you how it’s done.


Cameron Pierron / Mentor

Cameron Pierron is an award-winning freelance motion designer and founder of Motion Science. As a self-taught designer and animator, Cameron has never been satisfied with the status quo. Through professional opportunities and an insatiable internal drive to develop his craft independently, Cameron has created a successful and rewarding career while retaining unlimited creative freedom.

With nearly two decades of professional experience creating motion design for some of the biggest names in the world, Cameron has found attention and continual success in the industry to show for it. His passion for incredible visual motion design has driven him to always keep honing his talent and led him to develop Motion Science. He wants to connect to and empower other designers who want to move beyond the ordinary to create extraordinary motion design.

Cameron's list of clients is extensive. Here are just a few:

Your StyleCraft Membership

Do you long to impact and inspire with your work? To push past limits and create something extraordinary? Discovering how to create motion design that captures and inspires will propel your career and your life forward to places you may have thought were out of reach.

Fulfillment and success are within reach for those who are passionate about their craft.

The StyleCraft Membership training will feed your passion while teaching you everything you need to know to create incredible motion design. Get access to advanced craft workflows and techniques that go beyond what’s typically taught in higher level education—even with advanced degrees.


Your StyleCraft Membership will teach you to create incredible motion design that goes way beyond the status quo, and you’ll have expert guidance every step of the way.

What's Included in the StyleCraft Membership?

Paradigm-Shifting Training

1 Full Year of paradigm-shifting video training that covers a lot of topics. This is 52 weeks of the high-level training you didn't receive in art school or any other online education system.

Collaboration With an Exclusive Group of Motion Designers

Engage with other motion designers who are in this membership through a thriving online community. Once you're in the community, you're in for life.

Boris FX Sapphire Plug-ins

This membership gives you access to a 1 year educational license of the Sapphire suite of plug-ins for After Effects. These are the must-have plug-ins for any serious motion designer who wants to create beautiful motion design.

50% Off All Red Giant Plug-ins

Get any of the seriously impressive Red Giant plug-ins at a 50% discount through this membership. This is more savings than their annual sale.

Live Group Sessions

Live group sessions that allow you to gain deeper insight into motion design through assignment and challenge discussions.

Working Project Files

Any and all project files that are discussed will also be ready for you to download and dissect. That includes all After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and Illustrator files.

Deep Dive Assignments & Challenges

Deep dive assignments and challenges that will hone your skills and build your confidence. These assignments will help push you to the next level in your career.

Bonus Content

Exclusive access to additional bonuses, videos, and resources. There are many amazing bonuses planned for this membership.

Explore new ways of approaching techniques and get actionable steps that you can start practicing right now to propel your career forward in ways you never could have before.

Three Ways to Become a StyleCraft Member

Ready to learn more? There is no way to show you the depth of the membership through the lists above. Get the membership, and experience it for yourself. Space is limited, so reserve your spot today.




1 Year of  Training

Private Online Community

Sapphire Plug-ins License

Red Giant Discount

Live Sessions

Working Project Files

Bonus Content





1 Year of Training

Private Online Community

Sapphire Plug-ins License

Red Giant Discount

Live Sessions

Working Project Files

Bonus Content





Everything in Membership


2 x 1 on 1 Sessions

Main Title Design/Animation Bundle

Beyond The Parallax Effect

Typography Techniques

Early Access to Private Community

Email Support Priority

20% Off Future StyleCraft Memberships


What is Stopping You From Moving Forward?

If you’re passionate about motion design, what’s stopping you from moving forward? Consider the cost of one year of higher-level education compared to the StyleCraft Membership. Your membership is only a fraction of the cost of art school but what you get are real-world applications you can immediately start using.

The StyleCraft membership teaches at a higher level while focusing on the most important thing—building your talent to become an amazing designer and reaching the next level in your career. Whether that’s just getting started, advancing to a senior-level motion designer, getting higher paying freelancing clients, or simply gaining more fulfillment from doing the creative work you’ve always wanted to do. It all starts here.

What is the true cost of doing nothing? Missing your full potential means never reaching that soul-fulfillment that only comes from creating something you love. But that’s why you’re here—you know there is more to Motion Science, and you want to discover it. We’ll help you get there. Let’s get started.

Your StyleCraft Membership 30-Day Guarantee

With years of experience and working with both professionals and newbies alike, we are sure that wherever you are in your artistic journey, you will find incredible value in this membership.

But don’t take our word for it.

See it to believe it. Try it out for four weeks and check out the membership for yourself. If you decide advancing your career and skill level isn’t for you at this time, we will refund your investment—no hard feelings.


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Frequently Asked Questions

The membership gives you 52 weeks of paradigm-shifting video training, access to a private facebook community of motion designers, 1 year of Boris FX Sapphire plugins, 50% off all Red Giant plugins, live discussions, working project files, assignments and challenges, and a lot of additional bonuses that you'll have to wait to find out about.

On August 20th you will receive the first training material. Then week after week, for a total of 52 weeks, new membership content will be delivered to your library inside of Motion Science. Some weeks will be focused on training material, some weeks will focus on live discussions, some weeks will be assignments and challenges, and other weeks will be focused on bonus material.

At the very heart of the material, we will be exploring how to create high-level motion design through the elements and principles of design. We will dissect good design and see what makes it work, and then use this knowledge to improve our own skillsets. It's a lot of material.

The time commitment varies, but overall this membership will not require a huge time commitment from you. Most weeks will require very little time. The weeks that will require more time are those that have assignments and challenges, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to do the assignments and how much time you want to devote to them.

That’s okay! You’ll have access to the membership material for a 2 full years. That’s one year inside the membership and one year following to revisit the material at your convenience. If you miss one of the planned live sessions in the next year, that’s okay too. The live sessions will be recorded and posted for you to replay at any time in your membership library.

The material that you will learn in StyleCraft will be broken down into simple, easy to consume chunks. I'm not a fan of long-winded training videos. If you’re just starting out in motion design, all you need is an understanding of After Effects to get to that next level in your career. If you consider yourself an experienced motion designer, you’re about to seriously level up too. I’ve created this membership to take any motion designer to the next level.

Registration closes on August 19th. When does the next session open up? It's undetermined at this time.

No. The plugins can easily be run on a laptop device.


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