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StyleCraft Membership 

Become The Motion Designer You Were Meant to Be

"This is the training I could never find in college. It was demanding and focused and allowed me to grow more than I thought or knew was even possible. In short, it was my graduate program."

- Isaiah Powers

Master After Effects & Cinema 4D Lite

Build powerful and beautiful motion design with the confidence of a master. We’ll show you how it’s done by the pro's in After Effects and Cinema 4D.

Build Cinematic Motion & Design

Understand what it takes to build cinematic motion and design that is beautiful to watch. Gain the knowledge you need to master the processes.

Learn to Design Beautiful Style Frames

Creating high-level style frame design is easier than you think—if you know the right methods. Discover the elements and principles that are essential to use.


Mr. Black / Instructor

Cameron Pierron or AKA Mr. Black is an award-winning motion designer and founder of Motion Science. As a self-taught designer and animator, Cameron has created a successful and rewarding career while retaining unlimited creative freedom.

With nearly two decades of professional experience creating motion design for some of the biggest names in the world, Cameron has found attention and continual success in the industry. His passion for incredible visual motion design has driven him to create Motion Science to empower other designers who want to move beyond the ordinary to create extraordinary motion design.

Mr. Black's Clients

What's Included in the StyleCraft Membership?

Weekly 1 Hour Lessons

52 weeks of paradigm-shifting, personalized training and mentorship that covers everything you need to know to create beautiful motion design. This is high-level motion design training focused in After Effects and Cinema 4D Lite.

Private Online Community

Engage with an exclusive group of motion designers who are in this membership with you. This is your community. And the people in it are AWESOME!

Free License to over 250 Plug-ins that the Pros Use

You get a one year educational license to the complete Sapphire plug-in suite. These plug-ins are the must-have plug-ins for any serious motion designer who wants to create beautiful motion design. They retail for $1695 and you get them free for an entire year!

Live Mentorship Calls

Live monthly calls where you can submit your work and Cameron will critique it. These calls will also allow you to gain deeper insight into motion design live demonstrations of "Make It Better," where Cameron takes your motion design projects and makes them better. Plus live Q&A's. Every month!

Project Files

All project files that are discussed in the lessons are available for you to download and do with as you please. These include all After Effects, Cinema 4D, Photoshop, and Illustrator files plus any additional art assets.

Assignments with Critiques

Optional exercises that will hone your skills and build your confidence. These exercises will help push you to the next level in your motion design capabilities. Plus, submit them once you finish and get personalized critiques!

Bonus Content

Software discounts and footage from Action VFX, AE Juice, Boris, FX Factory, Mister Horse, Red Giant, and Ukramedia.

Plus downloadable design assets, texture packs, videos, presets, and more!

Weekly Lessons

A sampling of the weekly lessons

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52 Weeks of Mentorship Training

Private Online Community of Motion Designers

Boris FX Sapphire License

Live Monthly Mentorship Calls

All Project Files

Exercises with Personalized Critiques

Bonus Content 





52 Weeks of Mentorship Training

Private Online Community of Motion Designers

Boris FX Sapphire License

Live Monthly Mentorship Calls

All Project Files

Exercises with Personalized Critiques

Bonus Content 





Everything in Membership


2 (60 min) Private Coaching Sessions with Cameron

Main Title Design/Animation Courses

Beyond The Parallax Effect Course

Typography Techniques Course

Priority Email Support


What is Stopping You From Joining?

If you’re passionate about motion design, what’s stopping you from moving forward? Consider the cost of one year of higher-level education compared to the StyleCraft Membership. Your membership is only a fraction of the cost of art school but what you get are real-world applications you can immediately start using.

The StyleCraft membership teaches at a higher level while focusing on the most important thing—building your talent to become an amazing designer and reaching the next level in your career. Whether that’s just getting started, advancing to a senior-level motion designer, getting higher paying freelancing clients, or simply gaining more fulfillment from doing the creative work you’ve always wanted to do. It all starts here.

What is the true cost of doing nothing? Missing your full potential means never reaching that soul-fulfillment that only comes from creating something you love. But that’s why you’re here—you know there is more to Motion Science, and you want to discover it. We’ll help you get there. Let’s get started.

Your 30 Day Guarantee

We are sure that wherever you are in your artistic journey, you will find incredible value in this membership.

But don’t take our word for it.

See it to believe it. Try out StyleCraft for 30 days. If you decide it isn’t for you at this time, we will refund 100% of your investment—no questions asked and no hard feelings.


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It's easier than you think to create beautiful motion design. Learn how we created the beautiful piece we call "Angel" in this free 49 minute lesson.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Week by week you will receive personalized guidance training from Cameron via video and live calls. This lasts for a total of 52 weeks. After the 52 weeks you will retain lifetime access to the training material.

If you have Adobe CC then you have Cinema 4D Lite already installed. It comes packaged with After Effects.

Repetition, Line, Shape, Form, Movement, Direction, Texture, Contrast, Atmosphere, Depth, 2.5D, Timing, Lighting, Shadows, Typography, Alignment, Grid, Framing, Composition, Balance, Tone, Negative Space, and more.

Screen graphics design and animation,  End Title design & animation, Concert Visual design and animation, Award Show design and animation, Infographic Collage design and animation, Movie Studio Logo design and animation, and so much more!

You will build out enough beautiful motion design worthy of a full demo reel!

The time commitment is 40-60 minutes per week. If you choose to work on the optional exercises this will add additional time.

That’s okay. You’ll have access to all of the material for the lifetime of Motion Science.

This membership course has been proven effective for both beginners and seasoned pros. If you’re just starting out you need a basic understanding of After Effects to take advantage of this membership.

Registration opens up bi-annually. December and July.

No. The plugins can easily be run on a laptop device.

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