Most Motion Designers Struggle to Make Their Work Look Beautiful

We teach motion designers the easy way to create beautiful motion design

We Offer Memberships & Courses That are a Step Above the Competition

We Teach Expert Direction That is Easy to Understand and Execute

We Provide All The Training You Need to Build a Powerful Reel

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Rachel Stene

I love what you are doing in Motion Science, helping to create a community of artists to support each other, and encourage growth. I'm loving all the different techniques you cover. Thank you!

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Shannon Wilkerson

On many occasions I have been asked to do something I have never done before. So it's really cool to see how you approach a brand new technique and how you problem solve to get past the novice hurdle. It's also cool to see you push through the tough parts and find solutions instead of giving up and moving on which I find myself doing sometimes. Very inspiring.

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Tim Tippets

Everything Motion Science does is amazing to me. The insights into the process and the techniques taught are second to none. Definitely my first destination for learning anything related to motion design.