YouTube can only take you so far. We can take you further.

"Thank you so much for offering these kind of tutorials for motion design! I’ve been a graphic designer for over 25 years, but only recently started with motion design. You can only learn so much from Youtube, School of Motion, Skillshare etc. This goes way beyond that! This will definitely help me to become a better motion designer."

Eric J.

"I go to Udemy, AskVideo and Lynda...there's nothing like Motion Science. Well done and crafted courses. I can't wait to see what Motion Science has in-store for the future."

Luke D.

"I had very little experience in motion design. Motion Science quickly taught me how to produce professional quality motion graphics for real-world clients. Cameron has a calm personality that puts you at ease and a way of explaining things that make complex ideas easier to understand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Motion Science to anyone looking to learn the art of motion design."

Ben G.

"Cameron’s work is always fresh, on the edge, and mesmerizing - in a dark kind of way. As a director and as a teacher he has the unceasing drive to make every single project better than the last and to never compromise on creative or quality. Studying under him was the training I never could find in college. It was demanding and focused and allowed me to grow more than I thought or knew was even possible. In short, it was my graduate program."

Isaiah P.

"Cameron's attention to detail, solid understanding of design and well choreographed motion are qualities that only a veteran understands. He can figure out solutions not found in a YouTube tutorial and make the tools work for you in new and different ways. The true value is the learned hidden nuggets that only come from experience in the real world."

Chris B.

How to Master Motion Design

3D Camera Tech

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3D Layer Tech

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Typography 101

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The Parallax Effect

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Main Title Design

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Main Title Animation

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Who Motion Science is for.

Most likely it's you. That's why you're here. Right? Every course we release has something for all levels of motion graphic artists. Beginner. Intermediate. And advanced. doesn't matter where you're currently at. Our material is legit.


What makes us different.

We focus on exceptional content and time. All of our courses are premium and they will seriously level up your skillset. Plus, we know that your time is limited. So...our courses are fully edited to be as condense and concise as possible.

When you should you take a course.

Right now! Why right now? Because motion graphics is so many things. It's 2D and 3D animation; character animation; color grading; compositing; editing; designing; typography; and even visual effects. That's a lot of material to know. The quicker you start learning this stuff, the more successful you will be.

Where courses are viewed.

Upon sign up, the course(s) you selected will instantly appear in your own personal library. Each course can be viewed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, from the comfort of your desktop or mobile device. Just make sure that you are connected to the internet.

Why you need Motion Science.

Sites like YouTube and Google are great for learning basic motion graphic skills, but they can only take you so far. That's where we take over. Motion Science provides high level, polished course material not found anywhere else.