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Get a Roadmap

We all start somewhere, but it helps to have a map of where you’re going. From how to get started and taking those first steps, to understanding some of the logistical and financial aspects you need to set up and protect your business—it’s all covered here.

Focus on What’s Most Important

Instead of going in blind, understand what some of the common setbacks can be for a freelancer so you can change your mindset and get the tools you need to keep moving ahead. From defining your skillset to focusing your mindset, it’s all a core part to become a successful freelancing pro.

Inspiring and Hooking Clients

Creating an awesome hook and inspiring your potential and current clients is all a part of being successful as a freelancer. Learn how to hook and reel potential clients by creating a rock-solid brand and marketing yourself like the badass you are.

Ask for What You’re Worth

Get confident in asking for what you’re worth. Find out how to price your work and don’t get caught in the trap of undervaluing yourself. You know you’re awesome, but talking money can be tricky. Estimating work is an art and a science—learn how to do it the smart way.

"Within the first month of starting the Freelance Effect I felt confident enough to quit my full-time editing job to go full-time freelance. Cameron made this move seamless by providing me with personalized advice to my situation. This type of material you just can’t learn in a classroom."

- Dexter Brewer

Cameron Pierron / Instructor

Cameron Pierron is an award-winning freelance motion designer and founder of Motion Science. As a self-taught designer and animator, Cameron has never been satisfied with the status quo. Through professional opportunities and an insatiable internal drive to develop his craft independently, Cameron has created a successful and rewarding career while retaining unlimited creative freedom.

With nearly two decades of professional experience creating motion design for some of the biggest names in the world, Cameron has found attention and continual success in the industry to show for it. His passion for incredible visual motion design has driven him to always keep honing his talent and led him to develop Motion Science. He wants to connect to and empower other designers who want to move beyond the ordinary to create extraordinary motion design.

Cameron's list of clients is extensive. Here are just a few:

Your Successful Freelancing Career is Closer Than You Think

Whether you are beginning your freelance journey or you have been freelancing for years and yet you know there’s much more out there, The Freelance Effect is for you. You will be inspired and motivated to break away from the mundane and gain the freedom to break out creatively.

But that’s not all you need to start a successful freelance career—you also need a roadmap in your hand, a concrete how-to process that guides you through the steps to take, so you know for sure where you are and where you want to go.

Without a vision and a concrete plan, you will be stuck where you are right now—but you know there is more. The Freelance Effect takes you from existing where you are now to thriving beyond what you thought was possible. It all starts here.

What’s Inside The Freelance Effect

Module 01

Get an accurate picture of freelancing, how to get started yourself, do some self-searching, and know what steps to take first. You’ll find out how and why you’ll end up making more money, meet better clients, and enjoy your work when you go freelance—it’s proven.

Module 02

Understand the legal, financial, and contractual logistics to set up your business. Module 2 will help you get everything in place. From creating the structure of how you’ll do business to realistically balancing it with your life—you’ll be better prepared for the opportunities that come your way.

Module 03

The entrepreneur who can develop the right traits will move past hurdles and win. Change your mindset, focus your skill set, and get the tools you need to be a successful entrepreneur. Module three will help you start the right habits that lead to success and avoid common limiting habits that won’t.

Module 04

Make goals, develop a more powerful presence and unique brand, and market yourself the right way to attract the clients you want. You’ll discover how to build trust and create an enticing hook that sets you apart from the rest.

Module 05

Establish value, know how to price yourself to make what you’re really worth, create accurate work estimates, and leverage revenue for growth. After answering the questions in module 5, you’ll have a better understanding of what rate to expect—and how to build the confidence to ask for it.

Module 06

Find and attract the right clients by building a network that surrounds your ideal work. Get ahead of it all by meeting and managing expectations for happy clients. Find out what qualities you’ll need to strengthen in order to navigate client relationships with ease.

Module 07

Now it’s time to get hired—the demo reel is what will get you out there in a powerful way. Get all the tips and tricks that take you through the exact processes of building your own irresistible reel that highlights your best work and gets you hired for the work you want.

Make Better Gains with Mentorship and Live Sessions

The Freelance Effect modules are all supported with weekly videos, invaluable downloadable content, and something else—personal mentorship and guidance from your course instructor in the form of live Q&A sessions. This one-on-one and group mentorship will prove to be a space that is invaluable to you, as we work through challenges and questions that relate to your specific needs as you build your business.

Here’s what other motion designers have to say after completing The Freelance Effect:

"I enjoyed the freelance effect. It brought me peace of mind, hearing others having the same questions, and eliminated a lot of the fear that I have let eat me up so long about jumping out on my own. I feel more educated to make a solid informed decision about my future."

- Travis Krause

"There are a lot of courses where the instructor seems very knowledgeable and then there are courses where you know the instructor is actually living it. This course is the latter. That is why this course is so unique and worthwhile. Cameron is a living, breathing, SUCCESSFUL freelancer! His guidance and advice are invaluable."

- Chris Pescatore

"After months of struggling to get clients, The Freelance Effect helped me to identify the blind spots in my approach and get my first real professional contract as a freelance Motion Designer. The Freelance Effect has been one of the keys and more valuable investments in my career as a Freelance Motion Designer."

- Hugo Davila

"I would recommend The Freelance Effect to anyone who's ever thought about going freelance. There's really valuable, high-level knowledge in every single session. Cameron drops serious knowledge on you throughout the course. Plus, you get to meet and connect with like-minded people. Think of this course as an investment!"

- Paul Guevara

"Great course! I enjoyed all of the modules. Very helpful!! Cameron always went to great lengths to make sure he answered all of our questions and gave us everything we need to successfully jump into the freelancing world. It all starts with mindset. High quality course!"

- Anthony Miller

"Motion Science as a whole has opened new opportunities for me. When I stepped into the Freelance Effect, I never knew I would actually learn so much about myself let alone business of freelancing. Cameron teaches you the right way to go about it and helps you discover your true potential. Just be ready to do the work."

- Chad Wixom

The Time is Now to Move Ahead

There really is nothing stopping you from moving ahead but you. It may feel like there are obstacles in the way, but when you release your own limits and let go of the blocks and fears about going freelance, you’ll also open up the possibility of your own massive success.

Once you begin applying the insights included in the modules, there is nothing stopping you from moving ahead and building a six-figure business—not to mention having more freedom that you ever thought possible.

That’s because you’ll finally be able to find and build relationships with the right kinds of clients and continue growing your successful freelance motion design business—on your terms. Freedom is much closer than you think.

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2 Years Access to Course

Legal Contracts & Documents

Pitch Deck, Resume & Invoice Templates

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7 Weeks of Transformative Training

Private Community

4 Live Q&A Calls

2 Years Access to Course

Legal Contracts & Documents

Pitch Deck, Resume & Invoice Templates

And More!


Space is limited for the upcoming start date—enroll today and save your spot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The fall session of The Freelance Effect begins October 22.

You don’t need any software to take this course.

The course is edited, to the point, in-depth training. It explains how to go beyond what you might read in a book and just practical know-how. It dives deep. The course is broken down into individual modules and then each module is broken down even further into bite-sized videos. This is hard-won knowledge that you need to know. It will get you moving fast.

That’s okay! You’ll have access to the material for a 2 full years. If you miss one of the planned live Q&A sessions that’s okay too. The live sessions will be recorded and posted for you to replay at any time.

You don’t. This course is geared towards artists who have never attempted freelance as well as those that want to take their freelancing career to the next level.

No. Courses can only be streamed and are only available online.


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