A Brief History of Cameron

(the guy behind Motion Science)

Cameron Pierron, AKA MR. BLACK, is an accomplished creative director, designer and animator specializing in motion design. He has experience in television, motion pictures, interactive, and mobile and internet content.

His fascination with motion design began in 1995 when he saw the title sequence for the movie Seven. This was at a time when there weren’t a lot of books or training programs available on the subject matter. So he taught himself.

Gradually growing his client base, Cameron went from producing motion graphics for local TV to regional work and international projects. He continued to grow as a designer and animator. And in 2007, he went out on his own, garnering clients such as Buck, Digital Kitchen, Hornet, Prologue, Superfad and more.  

Through freelancing—as well as partnerships with two boutique motion design companies, Cameron has now added the following top brands to his client list: 343 Industries, Amazon, American Express, Amstel, CMT, CNN, Dell, Discovery, Disney, Expedia, GE, Garmin, Heineken, Kraft, Microsoft, MGM, MTV, NBC, PGA, RCA Records, Sony, Sprint, Syfy, T-Mobile, Toyota, Verizon, Xbox, WWE Network.

In 2016, he noticed a trend happening in motion design … that many artists were learning how to be animators. But there’s a difference between animation and motion design. Motion design requires mastery in not only animation, but also design and high-level techniques … things that aren’t necessarily being taught in college, or even on YouTube and Google.

So, Cameron set out to break the mold. To teach motion design concepts and techniques, laying them out in terms you can actually understand. That’s when Motion Science was born.


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