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If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to create motion graphics with After Effects but didn’t know where to start, then this course is for you.
If you’ve tried developing your After Effects skills on your own, you’ve probably spent countless hours learning by trial-and-error or piecing together your own curriculum from online videos. It’s a frustrating and time-consuming process.
The good news is that you don’t have to do it the hard way anymore. After Effects is a seriously deep program, and best learned with structured, expert guidance. So in these courses, I bring you what I myself learned the hard way over more than 20 years of experience working with After Effects.

What Our Members Are Saying

With After Effects Academy, you will...

Save Time. Learn exactly what you need to know with 5-6 hours of edited content per course.
Use After Effects to its Full Potential. Get comfortable with all aspects of the user interface so you can unlock all the possibilities of After Effects and use it like a pro.
Create with Confidence. Anyone will be able to create motion design with After Effects Academy. Follow along step-by-step to design and execute real-world projects.
Learn from Top Industry Talent. Learn by looking over the shoulder of your course instructor and award-winning motion designer Cameron Pierron.

Meet Your Instructor

Cameron Pierron | Founder of Motion Science

Hi, I’m Cameron Pierron (AKA Mr. Black), an award-winning motion designer and founder of Motion Science. I have nearly two decades of experience under my belt, creating motion design for some of the biggest brand names in the world including American Express, Sony, Xbox, Heineken, and many more.

As a self-taught designer and animator, I’ve learned the ins and outs of the After Effects program over the past 20+ years. So I created After Effects Academy to make the learning process less frustrating and more rewarding for aspiring motion designers.

My goal is to lay out concepts and techniques in terms you can understand, so you can build strong After Effects expertise to power your career in motion design.

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What projects will you create in the AE courses?

These images are render samples of the real-world projects you will be creating within each of the AE courses.

AE Volume I Project

AE Volume I Project

AE Volume I Project

AE Volume II Project

AE Volume II Project

AE Volume II Project

AE Volume III Project

AE Volume III Project

AE Volume III Project

Ready to conquer After Effects? Choose your course today:

AE Volume I: The Fundamentals

After Effects newbie or skills need brushing up? Start with After Effects Vol. 1: The Fundamentals

AE Volume II: Intermediate Techniques

Familiar with After Effects but want to unleash its full power? After Effects Vol. 2: Intermediate Techniques is what you need.

AE Volume III: 3D Layers & Cameras

Ready to go beyond 2D layers and fully embrace 3D in your designs? After Effects Vol. 3: 3D Layers & Cameras was made for you.

AE Academy Vol. I


The Fundamentals

  • Save time by learning all the important UI preferences and panels
  • Create beautiful typography and graphics with ease
  • Master masking and shape layers
  • Create a polished look with built-in effects
  • Render your projects quickly and easily
  • After Effects LinkedIn Certification

AE Academy Vol. II


Intermediate Techniques

  • Improve your animation with the graph editor
  • Utilize Expressions for less keyframes
  • Discover color grading techniques to give your projects that cinematic look
  • Master keying workflows to easily remove backgrounds
  • Learn 2D & 3d motion tracking to track objects in live action footage
  • After Effects LinkedIn Certification

AE Academy Vol. III


3D Cameras & Layers

  • Master 3D camera controls for a more professional look
  • Find the right 3D render engine to speed up your workflow
  • Create depth and realism with shadows and lights
  • Make exceptional 3d camera movements with motion paths
  • Gain a strong understanding of primary & secondary controllers
  • After Effects LinkedIn Certification

I know just enough about After Effects to get a job done...

“I know just enough about After Effects to get a job done, but I was looking for a course that would give me a comprehensive view on all things After Effects. This was exactly that course.”


Absolutely love these courses...

“I decided to learn After Effects so that I could animate titles, opens, and lower thirds for my clients. Absolutely love these courses.”


I am very impressed...

“AE Academy Volume 1 is on one hand very easy to follow and understand, and on the other hand very comprehensive and powerful. Simple yet effective. Level up!”


Cameron really gives you a thorough explanation...

“Cameron really gives you a thorough explanation on the fundamentals of After Effects in Volume I. I'm looking forward to Volume 2 and 3!”


I've just finished these courses and they are really awesome...

“I've just finished these courses and they are really awesome! A lot of handy stuff, techniques, and inspiration.These course are an excellent starting point to dive into the motion graphics world. Recommended!”