Premium, Handcrafted Textures & Elements for Visual Creators

Save time and amplify your visuals with unique textures & BONUS step-by-step tutorials. Get your hands on the most professional textures and elements you’ll find anywhere. Motion Science texture packs were meticulously created through hours of innovative design, real photography, and intricate analog processes.

Make them your own - customize textures to your taste and layer them to create entirely new ones. Get inspired with endless possibilities.

Save precious time and money - you don’t have to work hard to produce beautifully finished work. Simply drag & drop the textures and watch the transformation happen.

Differentiate your work - give your videos an analog look that will impress your clients and amaze their audiences.

Get the most out of your investment - with BONUS, comprehensive tutorials on how to use your textures to maximum effect.

Choose your Signature Style

Analog Glitches
Radical Retro
A little bit of everything

Royalty-Free. Textures are yours to use forever.

Compatible with any Post-Production Software. Use on Mac or PC.

Customizable Colors. Easily customize textures with simple coloring techniques explained in the bonus tutorials.

Mix & Match. Combine modular textures to create new looks that express your unique style.

Drag & Drop. Instantly & easily amplify your visuals.

4K ProRes 422 HQ Resolutions. Position and scale easily with 3840 x 2160 renders and pixel flexibility.

Includes Loopable Textures. Seamlessly fit textures into your visual productions.

BONUS: Video tutorials. Learn how to use and customize your textures with ease.

Really good. I mean REALLY good...

Really good. I mean REALLY good. You guys rock. These packs are amazing.”


Motion Science’s texture packs are truly outstanding...

"Motion Science’s texture packs are truly outstanding. They really save me time and effort. Literally drag and drop and done. You won't regret these packs."


Buying these packs was a no-brainer...

Buying these packs was a no-brainer. I saved time and money. Get them now. Seriously!”


It’s so easy to get stylized looks with these packs...

“It’s so easy to get stylized looks with these packs. Best texture packs I’ve purchased in a long time.”


Just like the courses, I was not disappointed...

“I’ve taken some of the courses here. They were good. So I decided to give the texture packs a shot as well. Just like the courses, I was not disappointed. Highly recommend.”


The quality is always top-notch...

“Everything Motion Science produces is amazing. The quality is always top-notch. These packs are no different. They exceeded my expectations.”


Choose your pack:


Grunge Pack

Distort & Distress Your Footage for a LoFi, Gritty Look

Optically captured and handcrafted, these moving textures will dirty up your digital imagery and give it that popular grunge look.

83 textures, infinite combinations:

33 Backgrounds
14 Composites
26 Elements
5 Edge Frames
5 Transitions
BONUS: custom tutorial video

$69 lifetime access.Instant download.

“This pack is really easy to use - just drag and drop and it will give you the dirty, grunge look. I also like how customizable these textures are.”
– Lucas D., Video Editor
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Film Pack

Infuse Your Footage with a Sense of Nostalgia

Created from analog sources that were hand photographed and scanned. So authentic-looking, your footage will look like it was shot on actual film.

84 textures, infinite combinations:

22 Film Burns
9 Film Dusts
15 Film Mattes
11 Type Montages
5 Film Grains
12 Grease Pens
5 Film Scratches
5 Film Dirts
BONUS: custom tutorial video

$69 lifetime access.Instant download.

“There’s a lot of film textures out there. I’ve purchased a few of them for my projects. This pack is the most used by far. I love it.
– Greg M., 3D Motion Designer
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Analog Glitch Pack

Use Glitch Aesthetics for a Stylized Edit

Make no mistake…it took meticulous work to produce these analog-processed glitch animations. Embrace imperfection with these perfectly on-trend analog glitches.

70 animations, including lines, circles, squares, cubes, text, triangles, and more:

Triangles, and more
BONUS: custom tutorial video

$69 lifetime access.Instant download.

“This Analog pack is the perfect complement to Radical Retro elements. I definitely recommend it."
– Jared F., Senior Creative Director
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Radical Retro Pack

Get Funky With Your Creations

Stand out with trendy retro elements and textures and lend a synth-wave vibe to your edits. These analog-processed animations feel so authentic, it’s like stepping back into the ‘80s.

121 elements, infinite combinations:

5 analog noise grain textures
4 analog noise rolling shutters
9 analog noise VHS textures
7 digital noise textures
6 glitch textures
4 atmosphere smoke textures
4 starfield elements
9 tunnel elements
1 3D mountain element
5 grid wall elements
7 grid elements
2 hacker text elements
6 atmosphere color textures
3 light bar elements
6 light flare elements
3 light flicker textures
5 mogrt text templates
22 2d and 3d object elements
2 pixel wall textures
BONUS: custom tutorial video
11 Color Presets

$79 lifetime access.Instant download.

“I used this pack to create stage visuals for a DJ. They were easy to use and best of all, THEY LOOK AMAZING!"
– Brad E., Editor
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The Texture Pack Bundle

Get the Complete Collection

Use your secret editing arsenal for years to come. Gift yourself the complete collection of Motion Science’s striking analog-style textures, and produce exceptional work while saving yourself a ton of time.

121 Radical Retro Elements
83 Grunge Textures
84 Film Textures
70 Analog Glitch Elements
BONUS: Custom Tutorial Videos

Only $249(save $37!)

Download Now

Don’t Settle for “Nice”.

Produce Stunning Work with the Motion Science Texture Packs.

Elevate My Work

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