How to Build a Reel That Will Get You Hired

demo reel Feb 19, 2020

A demo reel is your calling card. It not only shows what you can do, but also shows who you are. It displays your personality. It is also your resume and a key component to helping you land that dream job or client.

Every single scene in your demo reel MUST be your very best work. You have one chance to impress and first impressions are everything. Your goal is to capture the viewer’s attention immediately. Keep the reel short. I think that reels over :90 are too long. You don’t have to show every piece of work you have done..just your strongest pieces. As a creative director I receive a lot of reels and I don’t have a lot of down time to spend watching reels, so a short, very strong reel is going to capture my attention.

Don’t ever, ever, ever claim someone else’s work as your own. I have seen this happen too many times and it has happened to me more than once. It’s a punch in the face to see your work on someone else’s reel. If you only...

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