How to Create C4D Depth of Field | After Effects Tutorial


Cinema 4D is a very useful program to know. That's why in today's video, we are going to show you how to use C4D to create some depth of field in a scene and transfer it to After Effects to polish it up. We start off by using plug-ins to create a nice end result, and then we go back and use a couple plug-ins to show how useful they can be, the best of both worlds! If you liked today's tutorial, check out the rest of our website for similar content.

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Creating Depth with Texture in After Effects

3d camera depth parallax Apr 13, 2021

Today I am giving you an After Effects tutorial on how to create depth with texture using a photo from World War II, specifically D-Day. The goal here will be to amplify the already powerful feelings from a WW2 photo, and we will accomplish this by using assets from my friends at ActionVFX. In this After Effects lesson, we will use 3D camera techniques, 3D layers, textures, parallax, and more. This video will show you how to design, create, and polish your work in the same ways that the masters of motion graphics do it. Continue to level up your skills by finding more lessons on my website and don't forget to check out ActionVFX below.

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2 Tricks to Help Polish Motion Design

depth motion blur polish Jun 23, 2020

Polish is the final "icing on the cake" in motion design. It's the finishing touches we can add to really give a motion design piece that special sense of "wow!"

In this video we talk about two very simple ways that you can quickly and easily add polish to any motion design.

You can learn more about StyleCraft here:

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