Two Easy Ways to Create Chromatic Aberration | After Effects Tutorial

after effects polish Jul 20, 2021

Sometimes it's the small effects that have a big impact on the look and quality of our work. Today's After Effects tutorial will be teaching you two different ways to use chromatic aberration to give your work that edge without the use of plug-ins. If you enjoyed this video, check out some other blog posts to learn more!

Incase you don't know what chromatic aberration is... chromatic aberration is a type of color distortion that displaces certain colors in the render. In this example, I will be changing the red and blue to get that distorted outline look!

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2 Tricks to Help Polish Motion Design

depth motion blur polish Jun 23, 2020

Polish is the final "icing on the cake" in motion design. It's the finishing touches we can add to really give a motion design piece that special sense of "wow!"

In this video we talk about two very simple ways that you can quickly and easily add polish to any motion design.

You can learn more about StyleCraft here:

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