How to Make Sticky Blobs that React to Each Other in After Effects

after effects blur Jul 27, 2021

Sometimes, it is amazing what you can create with just a few elements. Today, I will teach you how to make your shapes flow into each other in under 2 minutes using only a handful of effects and layers!

There might be many different ways to achieve this sticky / fluid blob effect, but this is sure to be one of the easiest! Learn more short quick-tips by checking out the rest of the blog.

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Two Easy Ways to Create Chromatic Aberration | After Effects Tutorial

after effects polish Jul 20, 2021

Sometimes it's the small effects that have a big impact on the look and quality of our work. Today's After Effects tutorial will be teaching you two different ways to use chromatic aberration to give your work that edge without the use of plug-ins. If you enjoyed this video, check out some other blog posts to learn more!

Incase you don't know what chromatic aberration is... chromatic aberration is a type of color distortion that displaces certain colors in the render. In this example, I will be changing the red and blue to get that distorted outline look!

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Neon Angel | After Effects Tutorial


Today's post is quite longer than the regular Tuesday tutorial, but for good reason. To celebrate StyleCraft registration being open this week, we have decided to release one of the original tutorials that was used when StyleCraft was first born.

In the video, we will be showing you how to use neon color, geometric shapes, and atmosphere to spice up an angel statue asset. Sit back (or take notes) and enjoy a video straight from an old StyleCraft course. If you enjoy the video, consider checking out the full course on this website!


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How to Create C4D Depth of Field | After Effects Tutorial


Cinema 4D is a very useful program to know. That's why in today's video, we are going to show you how to use C4D to create some depth of field in a scene and transfer it to After Effects to polish it up. We start off by using plug-ins to create a nice end result, and then we go back and use a couple plug-ins to show how useful they can be, the best of both worlds! If you liked today's tutorial, check out the rest of our website for similar content.

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How to Use Analog Glitch Elements for Distortion | After Effects Tutorial

after effects glitch Jun 29, 2021

When buying a texture pack, the amount of elements included can be overwhelming. In particular we have received many questions regarding the use of the Analog Glitch Textures pack and how they can be utilized. So, today's video focuses on how you can use glitch elements to create cool text. If you haven't picked up the pack yet, it's available on this website under resources! 

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My Interview with Creative Director Skan Triki

after effects interview Jun 23, 2021

Skan Triki is an accomplished motion designer, creative director, and media consultant. Skan is from Belgium, but is known internationally for his unique work and his extremely active status in the motion design communities where he frequently shares his wealth of knowledge in 2D and 3D topics.

Please enjoy this fantastic interview between me and him, where he breaks down simple techniques for creating visually interesting elements that can be used in screen graphics. If you enjoyed, please check out my website!

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How to Create 3D Camera Shake in After Effects With the Wiggle Expression

3d camera after effects Jun 15, 2021

If you have been following my Quick Tips, then you know I love the wiggle expression. 

The wiggle expression in After Effects can be used to create camera shake. In order to create camera shake in a 3D space, it looks better to use a two-node camera in order to keep the attention on your 3D object while the camera is still able to move around. Watch the video to learn how to do this quickly and effectively!

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How to Create a Retro VHS Look in After Effects

Uncategorized Jun 08, 2021

Why not give your latest video that old-school VHS feel? It's easier than you think to create a retro look with just a few clicks and no plug-ins in After Effects. With this tutorial, we'll show you how easy it is to transform any footage into something nostalgic by adding some effects and tweaking the colors!

If these tricks are up your alley, check out our website for more ways of editing like an expert -- there's nothing stopping you from learning everything about making videos today.

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Eliminate 3D Layer Intersections in After Effects with a Cutter Layer

3d layers after effects Jun 03, 2021

Today's After Effects tutorial is about learning how to getting rid of 3D intersections using the powerful Adobe After Effects cutter layer. Learn more and become a master motion designer by clicking the links below!

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How to Customize the Look of Motion Blur in After Effects

Uncategorized May 25, 2021

Today's After Effects tutorial is about changing motion blur in After Effects to suit any need. Motion blur is an incredibly useful skill that every motion designer needs to master. If you enjoy this video, check out the links below!

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