Motion Science Society

The Answers You Need to Improve Faster

Get Feedback & Support from a Pro Motion Designer & Supportive Community

You're a motion designer and you've got some questions about your work that you need answered, but you don't know where to find the answers.

It can be tough to get started in any field, and motion design is no exception.
Not only do you have to learn the software and techniques, but you also need to build a portfolio and find clients.
The Motion Science Society is here for you.
We're a community of friendly professionals who are happy to help motion designers grow in their skills and career.
Every week Cameron hosts feedback sessions where you can submit your work for a personalized critique.
Cameron also hosts monthly live Q&A's and monthly career masterclasses for freelancers with the + membership.
You will also find an extensive library of resources including tutorials, articles, and interviews with top professionals in the field.
Plus, check out our monthly member-only events for the latest tips and tricks in motion design!

Do you ever find yourself...

  • Tired of getting stuck and confused by all the options available in these programs?
  • Not getting to the level of professional you want to be at in your skillset, career, and projects?
  • Doubting your abilities and confidence?
  • Stuck and looking for some fresh ideas on how you could improve your work flow?
  • Unsure of what steps you should take to turn motion design into a career?
The progress you know is possible starts now.

Here's What You can Expect From the Motion Science Society:


 Private Community

Engage with an exclusive group of motion designers


Be part of a culture of design excellence. Build connections with like-minded peers. This private community is a safe space to join discussions, ask questions, share your work, get supportive feedback, and access invaluable resources.
Training & Mentorship

 Weekly Personal Support From Cameron

Get constructive feedback


Cameron's Feedback Fridays are a great place for designers of all levels to learn how they can improve their skills. Whether you're just starting out, or have been in the industry long-term - Cameron is there with constructive feedback and helpful advice on what it takes to take your work to that next level.

 Live Q&A's (+ Membership)

Small group coaching when you need it


Cameron is waiting for your questions! Connect with Cameron and other members of this vibrant, creative industry through live Q&A's. You'll be able to ask Cameron anything that lately has been on your mind about motion graphics--and get answers from someone who knows their stuff inside out!
Support From Cameron

Career Masterclasses (+ Membership)

Achieve your career goals


We want to help you break down barriers and make a dent in the world. To do this, we offer masterclass workshops that teach people how they can get paid for creating what's inside their heads - whether it be through designing advertisements or creating content!
Lifetime Access

 Special Member-Only Events

"Artist Show & Tells" & Challenges


Motion designers are a creative bunch. Each month we feature one motion designer who breaks down one of their project files and explains the process. And once a quarter we host a fun and creative challenge.
Lifetime Access
Lifetime Access
Money-Back Guarantee

 Inspiration & Resources

Tutorials, Websites, & Assets


Stay up to date with the latest in motion graphics by getting access to a variety of resources. You'll find tutorials on how-to's, software lists for your computer, plus all sorts of assets and elements that will help make any project come alive!

What our members
Are Saying

This community is super welcoming...

"I've been given access to a community of super friendly, like-minded artists to get inspiration and feedback from so that I can continue building my skills!"

-Jason Landrian
Junior Motion Designer

My own skills have improved dramatically...

“I've learned so much from other artists on the platform and have seen my own skills improve dramatically as a result. If you're looking for a top-tier community of motion designers that will support and help you boost your artistic skills, then look no further than the Motion Science Society!

- Jess Lively
Video Editor

Absolutely love it...

I've been a member of the Motion Science Society for a while now and I have to say that I absolutely love it!”

- Brad Somerset
Visual Artist

Helping to create a community of artists...

"I love what you are doing in Motion Science, helping to create a community of artists to support each other, and encourage growth. I'm loving all the different techniques you cover. Thank you!"

- Rachel Stene
3d Artist

Super supportive community...

"This community is super supportive and has something for everyone!"

- Tore Hana
Motion Graphic Artist

What your future self is saying...

  • "I have built friendships with other people who are passionate about motion design"
  • "I am able to create pro level work because of the feedback I have received"
  • "I never feel stuck anymore because the community always has my back"
  • "I've finally found my tribe"
  • "I gain new perspectives and techniques from others in the community"
  •  "I get invaluable feeback and actionable advice from industry experts"
  •  "I feel supported and encouraged as I pursue my dreams"