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Welcome to Motion Science’s best-kept secret: The Motion Design Mastery System — a one of a kind system.

The system includes absolutely everything you need to know and practice cinematic motion design: from the very basics of how to use After Effects & Cinema 4D, to advanced motion design techniques, to my full creative process and the approach I take in tackling projects with agencies, brands, and studios.
Jam-packed with 230+ lessons, a private community, bonus perks, and so much more – this is a rare opportunity to get your hands on the full power of the premium Motion Science courses, at an incomparable value.
Now available to you at a 50% savings.

What’s inside The Motion Design Mastery System?

StyleCraft, After Effects Academy I, After Effects Academy II, After Effects Academy III, Cinema 4D Quick Start, a Private Community, PLUS 11 Bonus After Effects & Cinema 4D courses. A system built for you to follow and succeed.

Learn how to create stunning motion graphics and elevate your work beyond belief by looking over-the-shoulder of a PRO Motion Designer. With this program, it’s easier and faster than you ever thought possible to enhance the quality of your work, be recognized as a pro, and leave imposter syndrome behind for good.

5 Bonus After Effects Courses

Master the “science” of advanced motion design. Bonus courses include: Color 1, Color 2, Transfer Modes, Sci-Fi Screen Graphics, and Rock N Roll Parallax. Read more about the bonus courses below.

After Effects Volume I

Learn the essential tool used by motion graphics artists worldwide. Go beyond learning the UI & get help designing real projects. Complete 7 comprehensive modules covering program interface, panels, typography, dynamic workflows, masking, shape layers, and more.

After Effects Volume II

Unleash the full power of After Effects. Start operating the program like a pro and use it with a high level of efficiency. Complete 7 comprehensive modules and learn how to implement expressions, stylize color, remove elements with the rotobrush, motion track and stabilize footage, and much more.

After Effects Volume III

Learn 3D techniques that create depth and visual interest within your compositions. Take your design from basic to cinematic. Complete 8 comprehensive modules PLUS 2 bonus modules and learn about 3D layers, 3D lights & shadows, camera types and much more.

Cinema 4D Quickstart

Cinema 4D Quick Start quickly removes any learning hurdles for you with straightforward and powerful instruction, detailed lessons, and step-by-step projects that put your learnings into practice.

6 Bonus Cinema 4D Courses

Get 6 bonus Cinema 4D courses to help take your Cinema 4D skillset even further: Nike Nebula, Projection Mapping, Fractals, Octane Skull, 3D Motion Tracking & Compositing, FUI Headphones. Read more about the bonus courses below.

Beyond Titles Course (coming February 2022)

In this course you will create a full title sequence from start to finish. Research ideas, develop visual concepts, develop the design, and execute the animation. 

Worldwide Creative Community

Connect with like-minded peers within a safe creative space. Deepen your industry understanding, join discussions, and get supportive feedback.

You’ll also get access to exclusive BONUS materials (not offered or available for purchase anywhere else).

Sci-Fi Screen Graphics Course Go through the entire design workflow of creating two sci-fi scenes using screen graphics- from the creative brief to gathering assets, building mood boards, building style frames, animating, and finishing.
Color 1 Course Get a deep base understanding of color theory and develop a keen color sensibility to inform your designs. Over 7 lessons, you’ll learn how color works, how the human eye perceives color, the basics of color correction within Lumetri Color, and how to apply it all to your work.
Color 2 Course Go deeper into color theory, color grading, and typography to master the use of color in your work. Over 7 lessons, you’ll learn how to maximize the impact of color in your designs. Includes a bonus lesson using DaVinci Resolve for color correction.
Transfer Modes Course Leave trial-and-error behind. Get a solid, scientific understanding of how layering with transfer modes works in motion design. Learn “the why” behind the results you’re seeing, so you can experiment with transfer modes more confidently. Over 7 lessons, you’ll dive deep into the theory behind transfer modes and how they actually work under the hood.
Rock N Roll Parallax Course Learn how to separate and animate photos in After Effects in 3D space to convey the impression of a virtual moving camera. Over 5 lessons, you’ll work on a rock ‘n’ roll hall of fame opening sequence that will teach you how to separate, position, and animate your images in 3D space.
Nike Nebula Course Advance your Cinema 4D skills with an understanding of X-Particle systems. Over 12 lessons, you'll dive deep into volume particle systems and build a Nike shoe shot. With hours of hands-on content, you'll leave this workshop knowing how to use X-Particles in a unique and interesting way. This workshop requires no prior knowledge of particle system techniques.
C4D Projection Mapping Course Transform standard 2D images to dynamic 3D shots that add depth to your visuals. Over 10 lessons, you’ll learn how to tear apart a 2D image in Photoshop and rebuild it into a 3D rendering using Cinema 4D.
C4D Fractals Course Transform a shape into intricate fractals by adding details like edges and polygons, and animate the fragmentation process to create a killer dimensional effect. Over 7 lessons, you’ll work on illustrating the progressive fragmentation of a shape in Cinema 4D.
C4D Octane Course Learn to use texture, light, and camera movements to maximum effect by applying advanced Cinema 4D and Octane techniques. Over 6 lessons, you’ll create an engaging scene from a cinematic title sequence that will take your storytelling to the next level.
3D Motion Tracking & Compositing Course Learn how to seamlessly integrate 3D elements and characters into pre-shot footage to construct a hyper-realistic world. Over 10 lessons, you’ll learn how to track 3D characters into a live plate to make them look like they’re part of the existing background scene.
FUI Headphones Design Course Learn how to design dynamic first-person user interfaces that put your audience’s experience front and center. Over 7 lessons, you’ll create a rendering of headphones complete with an audio wave-form spectrum, node-based lines, and interesting color dynamics.

About Me – Your Personal Instructor

Cameron Pierron | Founder of Motion Science

Hi, I’m Cameron Pierron (AKA Mr. Black), an award-winning motion designer and founder of Motion Science. I have nearly two decades of experience under my belt creating motion design for some of the biggest brand names in the world including American Express, Sony, Xbox, Heineken, and many more.

My passion for motion design drove me to create Motion Science to empower other designers who want to move beyond the ordinary to create stunning cinematic motion design.

The Motion Design Mastery System packs a ton of the educational value I’ve created for Motion Science over the years into one single, powerful offering. Now, I’m inviting you to get the most comprehensive education in motion design available anywhere on the internet.

I hope you’ll be able to join me on this career-altering journey.

Below are some of the brands I've created for.

What makes us different?

As a self-taught Motion Designer, you could say I've taken my fair share of online courses over the past 20+ years. None of them compare to the caliber of instruction and the transformational results you’ll get with Motion Science. The Motion Design Mastery System is simply the deepest, most comprehensive motion design program on offer anywhere.

A-Z of Motion Design. Learn everything you need to become a pro motion designer. From programs & techniques to design mindset & professional development, taught over 160+ lessons.
Endless learning. You never really “graduate” from Motion Science. Our content never stops growing, and you can access our content library for life. No upgrades required, ever.
Real-Time Engagement. You’re not in this alone. Engage with coaches in real-time and join an exclusive lifetime community of other motion designers who share your journey.
Practice, Practice, Practice. Create dozens of projects alongside award-winning industry professionals and master the art of motion design faster than was ever possible before.

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This is the training I could never find in college...

"This is the training I could never find in college. It was demanding and focused and allowed me to grow more than I thought or knew was even possible. In short, it was my graduate program."

- Isaiah P.

I love what you are doing in Motion Science...

“I love what you are doing in Motion Science helping to create a community of artists to support each other, and encourage growth. I'm loving all the different techniques you cover. Thank you!”

- Rachel S.

Everything Motion Science does is amazing to me...

“Everything Motion Science does is amazing to me. The insights into the process and the techniques taught are second to none. Definitely my first destination for learning anything related to motion design.”

- Tim T.

As always, your courses come jam-packed...

“As always, your courses come jam-packed with value. Low key the best Motion Design teacher online. On to the next.
You do great work Cam!”

- Jean T.

Motion Science literally changed my life...

“This may sound a bit melodramatic, but Motion Science literally changed my life. I was working as an editor in an under appreciative work environment when I finally decided to quit and go for my goals. Your teaching is detailed, on point and your designs are inspiring. Currently, I am 6 weeks into the Freelance Effect building my own business in advertising strategy.”

- Lessa R.

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