Why You Should Use Creative Constraints

creative constraints May 05, 2020

I get asked all the time, how do I come up with ideas? How do I figure out what I'm going to create?

There's so many possibilities when it comes to motion graphics.

The truth is that unlimited creativity creates unlimited problems.

So today, we're talking about how to create something really unique. How to be truly creative.

We're talking about Creative Constraints.

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Why Online Learning is More Than Just Pushing Buttons


There are so many tutorials out there that just teach you how to push buttons.

The problem is that these tutorials and lessons do not teach you how to be creative and think for yourself.

What you end up creating is the exact same result as everyone else.

It's important that you learn from lessons that teach you how to also apply techniques to your own work.

In today's video we are talking about why online learning is more than just button pushing.

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3 Powerful Tips for Remote Artists

remote artist tips Apr 21, 2020

In today's video we are talking about 3 powerful tips that every remote artist should be using right now.

These 3 tips are:

  1. Set strong boundaries
  2. Optimize work time
  3. Optimize down time

Do these 3 things and you will set yourself up for success.

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Got Software & Hardware Overwhelm?

hardware overwhelm software Apr 14, 2020

In today's video blog post we are talking about Software and Hardware..more specifically..what you need to get.

You don't need more than one or two programs, and you don't need every plug-in and script that is released.

You also don't need the most up-to-date fancy computer to be considered a pro.

Watch today's podcast and find out what you do need.

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Do You Need to Know Design?

design Apr 07, 2020

The term motion "designer" includes the word "design" for a reason. You need to have a fundamental understanding of design principles if you want to be hired as a pro.

This does not mean you need to be as professionally knowledgeable as a graphic designer, but it does mean you need to know why and how to make a composition look good.

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3 Simple Ways to Get Work as a Remote Freelancer

freelance remote Mar 31, 2020

Getting work as a remote freelance artist is easier than you may think...if you know where to look.

There are a multitude of online places where work can be found.

Check out:

  1. Working Not Working
  2. Facebook Groups
  3. Facebook/Instagram Ads
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My Journey to Become a Pro

journey my story Mar 24, 2020

My journey to become a pro motion designer didn't involve attending art school or any other form of higher education.

I became a pro by practicing..by pushing myself..by creating.

You too can be a pro motion designer. You just need to put the time in and practice and enjoy the journey.

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3 Key Points to Become a Successful Freelancer

freelance success Mar 17, 2020

In order to be a successful freelancer you need to focus on 3 key points.

  1. Freelancer type
  2. Online branding
  3. Ideal Clients

In this blog post we dive deeper into each of these three points and discuss what you need to implement to become a successful freelancer.

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How to Build a Reel That Will Get You Hired

demo reel Feb 19, 2020

A demo reel is your calling card. It not only shows what you can do, but also shows who you are. It displays your personality. It is also your resume and a key component to helping you land that dream job or client.

Every single scene in your demo reel MUST be your very best work. You have one chance to impress and first impressions are everything. Your goal is to capture the viewer’s attention immediately. Keep the reel short. I think that reels over :90 are too long. You don’t have to show every piece of work you have done..just your strongest pieces. As a creative director I receive a lot of reels and I don’t have a lot of down time to spend watching reels, so a short, very strong reel is going to capture my attention.

Don’t ever, ever, ever claim someone else’s work as your own. I have seen this happen too many times and it has happened to me more than once. It’s a punch in the face to see your work on someone else’s reel. If you only...

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Art School Vs. Real World Experience

art school real world Feb 19, 2020

So you’ve just spent the last four years of your life in Art School. You’ve learned Photoshop and Illustrator. You know how to model and animate in Maya or Cinema 4D. Most importantly, you can now animate in After Effects. 

You are a motion graphic artist or as I like to say, a motion designer. You are ready for that first real job. You are ready to take on the world. The problem is, none of the high end production houses want to hire you. Let me tell you why.

Art School is great and it teaches you the fundamental principals of design and motion design which are important, but it does not teach you how to be a motion designer in an actual production house. 

What you learn in Art School is valuable. I'm not debating that. I come from a self-taught background but have hired many graduates based on their strong portfolios. That being said, their time management and ability to work seamlessly in teams has not been so strong.

Getting a four-year degree in...

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